Spruced Up Spaces Ann Arbor


Sound Familiar?

People seek out the services of Spruced Up Spaces, LLC because:

  • Their things are overwhelming them. Their possessions have become numerous enough or disorderly enough (or a combination of both) that they are no longer able to live happily or work productively in their space.
  • Their affairs need attention. They are having trouble prioritizing and managing the commitments in their lives which require follow-through. Left in limbo, these unresolved affairs can become major stressors and have poor outcomes.
  • They are struggling to manage their time. They may be missing appointments, arriving late or unprepared for meetings, spending too long on certain tasks and neglecting others, or feeling unable to focus and complete goals in a timely manner.

Now Imagine

  • Experiencing more balance and quality in your life or business operations
  • Feeling less stress and more calm
  • Being supported by the space that surrounds you
  • Accomplishing the things you’ve set out to do
  • Being in control of your affairs

Spruced Up Spaces, LLC can help you get here. I’ll lend a fresh perspective and upbeat energy to your organizing efforts. I’ll ask questions and offer ideas that help you focus and work through the messy situation or tough decisions that you’re stymied by. I’ll also help you to learn new organizing skills. I believe that getting organized often involves letting go of certain things (objects, beliefs, habits) so along the way I’ll probably encourage you – in a serious but friendly way – to divest of things that are burdening you. For a summary of my services, you may wish to download or print a copy of this flyer.

To learn more, please explore the “About” links on the right-hand side of your screen.

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