Spruced Up Spaces Ann Arbor


To help people really understand what Spruced Up Spaces, LLC is all about – to imagine what’s possible! – I find it effective to explain my organizing services in terms of health. For individuals, think of my services as an investment in your mental and physical health, similar in some ways to getting a massage, taking a walk, or talking with a therapist. For businesses and nonprofits, my services are an investment in your mission that improve the health of your team, operations, or product – or all three. Here’s a list of changes you might experience as a result of our work together.

Here’s To Your Good Health!

  • You might feel happier and less stressed;
  • You might no longer be ashamed of your space, but proud of it;
  • You might be able to move through your space with greater ease;
  • You might be able to locate and retrieve items more easily;
  • You might experience greater efficiency, accomplishing more tasks in less time;
  • You might have more time to spend with the people or doing the activities you love;
  • You might be able to offer your customers or audience a better experience;
  • You might no longer miss deadlines or forget appointments;
  • You might feel in control of your schedule and affairs;
  • You might no longer lose money in the form of late fees;
  • You might save money by not needing to purchase redundant things;
  • You might feel relief at finally addressing a longtime burden;
  • You might feel a renewed sense of energy, confidence, and a fresh outlook on life.

If you’re interested to learn more, you can read what my clients say about their experiences working me and how their lives or business operations have changed as a result.

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