Spruced Up Spaces Ann Arbor

Space as a Framework

Approaching an Organizing Project

People can become easily overwhelmed when they think about getting organized. “Where do I begin?” “What should I do with all this stuff?” “Why work so hard to get organized if I won’t be able to maintain it longer than a week?” These anxieties often deter folks from getting started.

To get past these worries and into motion, I like to use a “one space at a time” approach. When we work together we’ll break down your project into achievable steps using spaces as the framework for managing our efforts and measuring our success. I find that spaces lend themselves really nicely to organizing projects because they can be interpreted physically (for example: a room, a file cabinet drawer, or a folder on your computer hard drive) and they can be interpreted figuratively (for example: the spaces of time that constitute your day and schedule, the space in your life that technology occupies, or the mental and emotional space that is needed when making a difficult decision).

Once we’ve identified the spaces in your project, we can articulate their boundaries, evaluate how they fit together, and design solutions for organizing them in a way that makes sense and is sustainable for you to manage over the long term. To read more about how things work when you hire me, check out these frequently asked questions and some of my policies.

Reactions to Getting Organized

The work of getting organized can sometimes be very emotional and exhausting. Handling your belongings and making decisions about them, addressing your challenges and fears surrounding disorganization, or finally jumping into a long-dreaded project can bring up complicated emotions and require intensive thought. For some people this work turns out to be incredibly liberating or energizing. For others it can be extremely draining or difficult. All are legitimate responses. As I work with a client I keep careful tabs on our emotions and energy levels, I encourage breaks as necessary, and I offer different suggestions to help make the process as enjoyable as possible based on your preferences, and learning and work styles.

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