Spruced Up Spaces Ann Arbor

Working Together

Asking for help and inviting me into your home or workplace requires courage and a leap of faith and may feel scary or unnerving, and I recognize that. Please know that I consider it a tremendous honor to work with you, and that I will not judge you. I look at every project as an opportunity to learn and grow and be of service. For successful outcomes, it will be very important that we feel comfortable with and trust one another, and that we have some fun as we work. To this end, our first appointment is centered on discussing your goals, getting to know one another, and determining if I’m a good fit for your project. What follows is an explanation of who I serve and examples of areas where I can be of help.

Whom Do I Work With?

I work with people who are committed to making change in their lives. Having a growth mindset allows this change to come more readily. A wonderful book that addresses this is Mindset by Carol S. Dweck, PhD. Here are some growth-oriented beliefs and traits which a person can learn to embrace:

  • Belief that change is possible
  • Openness to learning
  • Curiosity about oneself
  • Commitment to giving one’s fullest effort
  • Willingness to try new things, to explore new perspectives
  • Receptivity to constructive feedback
  • Persistence in the face of setbacks

Areas Where I Can Be Of Service

Residential Clients

Home offices; kitchens; closets; basements; garages; entryways; studios & workshops; time management; paper management; email/electronic file management; space planning

Small Businesses & Non-Profits

Space & workflow planning; time management; paper management; email/electronic file management; materials/supplies management; systems development & documentation


Downsizing; space planning for safety & mobility; arranging items within the home for ease of access & comfort; organizing personal & estate affairs

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