Spruced Up Spaces Ann Arbor


  • Quoted in Crazy Wisdom

    When Crysta Coburn from Ann Arbor's Crazy Wisdom Community Journal contacted me and asked if I'd be willing to answer some questions for an article she was writing on the topic of "organizing for happiness and harmony" ... read more

    Posted at September 20, 2016

  • Summary of the book SWITCH

    My clients hire me to help them get organized – to clear clutter, to bring order to their spaces and lives. It might seem, then, that some supervised sorting and purging and re-arranging is all they ... read more

    Posted at July 7, 2016

  • Festival Celebrating Women & ADHD

    Yesterday I attended the Better Together Festival in Manchester, Michigan. This event was a celebration of Women with ADHD and their journeys through life. The event was hosted by Sari Solden, who is a psychotherapist, best ... read more

    Posted at May 15, 2016

  • Summary of the book THE POWER OF HABIT

    I recently read the book The Power of Habit (Random House, 2012) by Charles Duhigg. I found this book to be incredibly engaging, well researched, and the bearer of an inspiring message: any habit can be ... read more

    Posted at November 4, 2015

  • I’m Training to Become an Organizer Coach

    In the fall of 2014 I enrolled as a student in a coach training program for professional organizers. This training program has shifted, in a seismic way, how I think about and approach my ... read more

    Posted at November 3, 2015

  • It’s Time to Buy a 2016 Calendar

    First off, Happy Halloween! And now that we're aware it's October 31, here's a timely message about time management. For those of us who keep track of our appointments and time using old-fashioned paper calendars, NOW ... read more

    Posted at October 31, 2015

  • Back to School: Your Before Bed Routine is Key!

    My clients who are parents often report that getting out the door in the morning is the hardest part of their day with the kids. They report that everyone scrambles around in a flurry of motion, ... read more

    Posted at September 2, 2015

  • I’m a CPO®!

    Look what arrived in the mail today! It’s official: I’m a Certified Professional Organizer®, or CPO®! CPO® certification is a voluntary, industry-led effort that benefits the members ... read more

    Posted at August 6, 2015

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