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  • ANNA: “Better than therapy!”

    CLIENT: Residential

    FOCUS AREAS: Space Planning; Storage Systems

    My husband and I have two small kids, high-intensity jobs, and an 800-square-foot apartment. Nia helped us identify ways to make our space work better for all of us; visioned with us to upgrade our basement storage set-up; and then worked side-by-side with me to …read more/less

    make that vision a reality. She is a terrific, sensitive, and astute listener and communicator — making it easy to work with her even on very personal projects. She’s also highly efficient and creative. Working with her has paid dividends for our family’s sanity and happiness every day since. Better than therapy!

    – ANNA, Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • MARK: Workplace Productivity

    CLIENT: Small Business

    FOCUS AREAS: Paper Management, Filing System

    I am self-employed, working in the computer business. After working with Nia it’s never been so easy to locate papers and other items – I used to spend an hour each day searching. The filing system is easy to use and maintain. I can now concentrate on my business, …read more/less

    and outsource routine tasks without complications. This was well worth the cost.

    – MARK, Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • LAUREN: Organizational Skill Building

    CLIENT: Residential

    FOCUS AREAS: Basement, Closets, Pantry

    After spending years overwhelmed by the chaos of a small house occupied by a family of four (plus three cats and a dog) I decided to reach out for help, though honestly I was skeptical as to whether we could actually be helped. Nia absolutely exceeded my expectations. …read more/less

    After working with her several times on different areas of our house (including the basement, closets, pantry) not only have those areas become and remained organized, but I gained the skills needed to organize spaces on my own, including our children’s new playroom. Before working with Nia I could never have imagined competently organizing a space like that. Nia is a pleasure to work with, and I really feel like she has helped me with my personal development. Nia is like a personal trainer for increasing organization!

    – LAUREN, Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • LIV: From “Overwhelmed” to “Efficient”

    CLIENT: Residential

    FOCUS AREAS: Housewide Organization

    I contacted Spruced Up Spaces because our home offices were not functional and hadn’t been for years.  I was so overwhelmed with what needed to be done and couldn’t focus. From the first day of working with Nia, I was so impressed with her cheerful …read more/less

    disposition and great energy as well as being the consummate professional. Not only did we transform both home offices, we went through the whole house! We organized the closets (gorgeous!), pantry, basement (big job!), kid’s rooms, etc.

    Everything works so much more efficiently. The offices are terrific with a filing and mail system that finally works!  Yay!  It’s not stressful anymore to sort mail, pay bills, file everything and do our taxes.  I know where everything is!  I save so much time now that the storage throughout the house is organized, and all this was done without feeling embarrassed or judged.  In fact, just the opposite.  Nia brings joy and enthusiasm with her and I can’t imagine having done this with anyone else.  I will be forever grateful for her help.

    If anyone reading this is suffering as I was from too much stuff piling up over the years that leads to not knowing where to start and sleepless nights, don’t hesitate to contact Nia for her thoughtful and professional expertise.  She helped every member of my family (including our dog!) with the best care.  She even makes sorting and purging fun!  Nia is a delight and I plan to continue to work with her through the challenges that we encounter in our home/offices.

    – LIV, Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • JENNIFER: “Functional & Beautiful”

    CLIENT: Residential

    FOCUS AREAS:  Housewide Organization, Prep for Home Renovation

    We first contacted Nia for help organizing our daily incoming mail and kids’ school papers, but as we had smaller successes, we asked her to help us better organize our entire home.  Nia gave us an energetic combination of expertise, sensitivity, excellent humor, fun, and …read more/less

    a genuine desire to help every member of our family.

    Nia helped us navigate many tough challenges with tackling late parents’ belongings, kids’ artwork and toys, tubs of photographs, lesser-worn clothing, paper files, nice furniture that didn’t quite work, etc.  She helped us break the job into small pieces and eventually we worked through the whole house.

    We also asked Nia for her input on the upcoming renovation of our home.  She encouraged us to plan less new storage and instead reduce our belongings, saving us thousands of dollars in unneeded cabinets, etc., that would have been a mistake.  She also helped us design the perfect little corner desk with very efficient areas to deposit quickly incoming mail and school papers for each child, a charging station for our electronic devices, and other great features.  She also encouraged us to remove our master bedroom closet sliding doors and convert it to a reach-in closet, reducing our wardrobe and laundry work.

    Our family’s home is more functional and beautiful than ever thanks directly to our work with Nia.  We recommend her very highly to anyone looking for a professional organizer.

    – JENNIFER, Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • MARIE: Letting Go & Improving Systems

    CLIENT: Small Business

    FOCUS AREAS: M/S Management, Filing System, Space Planning

    As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I run my business out of my home office. I called Spruced Up Spaces to seek guidance and assistance with organizing my office, making decisions about what I could get rid of, and improving the office’s function. My challenges …read more/less

    were limited space and overcoming anxiety about which items to purge from the office. The office was holding 16 years of paperwork, reference materials, catalogs, art supplies, drawings, and hissing dust bunnies.

    Together we reviewed options for certain storage needs and the costs involved. We reviewed what was and was not working well within the office. We discriminated what items needed to be purged, and then indeed we purged them. We re-configured the office layout and capitalized on existing office furniture that was not being used to its fullest capacity. We re-organized the files and labeled them with easy to read tabs. We laughed and had fun.

    The first noticeable change is the relief I feel when I enter the office because now I know where everything is. I have more desk surface area which makes doing paperwork easier. My desk is staying cleaner because I know where to put things. My office feels roomier because we removed ‘pile up’ that I no longer need. I feel more confident and comfortable in my office as a result of Nia’s help. In short, I am glad I retained Spruced Up Space’s services and I recommend them.

    – MARIE, Northville, Michigan

  • ANONYMOUS: “Dumping Ground” Gone

    CLIENT: Residential

    FOCUS AREAS: Basement, Storage Systems

    I hired Spruced Up Spaces to help me figure out how best to organize my basement work space, which had become a dumping ground for papers, unfinished projects, and random stuff from both my home life and work life.  Nia broke down what initially felt completely …read more/less

    overwhelming into manageable steps and offered a helpful structure for how to sort through, label, and store the belongings that I wanted to keep.  We worked efficiently and successfully to create a much more useable space.  It was a pleasure to work side by side with Nia, as she is calm, non-judgmental, and supportive, and her own organizational skills help her assess and solve problems creatively.  I feel lucky to have found her and worked with her, and will gladly use her for future organizational challenges.

    – ANONYMOUS, Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • CHRISTINE: From “Chaos” to “Flow”

    CLIENT: Residential

    FOCUS AREAS: Assigning Things to Homes, Storage Systems

    Nia is a true visionary. Compassionate, patient, reliable, efficient, and a consummate professional, she works with pride from start to finish. I once lived in an organized and beautifully decorated home. Now that I am bedridden, I find myself dependent on multiple …read more/less

    caregivers, each with their own work habits. The resulting chaos robbed me of my independence, as I no longer knew where anything was. Nia helped heal my life. She listened to me and heard my needs, turning them into reality. By introducing structural elements that naturally reassert and reinforce order, she transformed my home back into a place of efficiency and beauty. Caregiving tasks flow much more smoothly, and I now have time for professional activities. Nia gave me back my life and my dignity, and I will forever be grateful to her.

    – CHRISTINE, Ypsilanti, Michigan

  • SANDY: Office Runs Smoother

    CLIENT: Small Business

    FOCUS AREAS: Paper Management, Filing System, Space Planning

    Nia was very helpful in helping me organize the office-related functions of my massage therapy business. I new what I needed to do, but couldn’t figure out where to start. Nia came in and helped me sort through a big backlog of paperwork. Then we set up a new …read more/less

     filing system and organized my entire desk. She also helped me improve the layout of the office so that tasks flow better and the space, which doubles as our waiting room, is more attractive and welcoming for my clients. Nia’s services have helped my company to run a lot smoother.

    – SANDY, Whitmore Lake, Michigan

  • JESSICA: Apartment Transformation

    CLIENT: Residential

    FOCUS AREAS: Space Planning; Storage Systems

    I had been looking online to find a professional organizer to help a friend with a disability organize her new apartment after a move and clear out a bedroom so that a caregiver could live with her. I live many miles from my friend and couldn’t help her in person and wanted …read more/less

    to find someone who was professional, smart and, perhaps most important, kind.  It was very important to me that whoever I found would be able to work with my friend on a very difficult task and be sensitive to all of the issues that would arise. I contacted Spruced Up Spaces after finding its website. From how Nia represented herself there, I suspected that she would be the right person for the task and that impression was confirmed immediately after a half an hour conversation with her.

    Nia worked with my friend over the course of a number of months and transformed her apartment into a beautiful living space – organizing closets, maximizing storage space, and figuring out the best furniture placement to allow for space for caregivers to help my friend get into and out of bed.  She also took into account aesthetics so that the space would look attractive.  Most importantly, she was very sensitive to my friend’s wishes and their appointments were something my friend really looked forward to, largely because Nia was so pleasant to work with and she “made things happen”.  Nia also e-mailed my friend and I after each appointment with detailed updates on what had been accomplished and photos of the “before and after”.  I found this to be remarkable – I hadn’t expected that kind of detail.  Since I live so far away – it really helped me see the tremendous progress that they were making.  Hiring Nia to help my friend really made a difference in my friend’s life and I view it as one of the best decisions I’ve made in years.

    – JESSICA, Rockville, Maryland

  • CHAR: Clutter-Free Family Space

    CLIENT: Residential

    FOCUS AREAS: Mudroom, Project Plan Development

    I contacted Spruced Up Spaces for help re-thinking how our family uses the very small, heavily trafficked entryway into our home. Coats, shoes, grocery bags, sports gear, and other items were constantly accumulating on the floor, and the existing closet and shelves …read more/less

    seemed somehow underutilized. Nia immediately came up with several creative, easy-to-execute ideas. She took careful measurements and made sketches of the space which complimented the detailed recommendations that she wrote up for us. We ran with her ideas and our family now enjoys a clutter-free entryway! The space is so much more functional, not to mention attractive, and we were even able to add a small bench for putting on and removing shoes.

    – CHAR, Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • SUE: Regaining Control

    CLIENT: Residential

    FOCUS AREA: Home Office, Project Plan Development

    When the piles generated piles to keep up with the piles, I knew I needed help! I spotted an ad for Spruced Up Spaces and contacted Nia to help me regain control of my kitchen-based office space. She came to my home and conducted a thorough assessment of my …read more/less

    situation and needs (which were mostly related to paper management & paper storage). She got to know my personality, history, interests and organizational strengths and weaknesses. Then she wrote up a detailed, actionable project plan. Because it was so comprehensive, her plan provided a systematic, manageable way for me to approach the project and maintain things by myself over time. Nia is a noteworthy blend of personable and professional. She is warm and engaging and a pleasure to work with. I am grateful to have found her services.

    – SUE, Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • ALEC: Tackling a “Major Backlog”

    CLIENT: Non-Profit Organization

    FOCUS AREAS: Records Management, Workplace Productivity

    Spruced Up Spaces has provided a critically needed service for our non profit organization as we work to improve our records management and the efficiency of our work spaces.  Nia has been wonderful to work with in both planning and helping us to tackle a major backlog …read more/less

    of files and other items accumulated over several decades.  We are grateful for and excited about all the progress we have made so far and look forward to continuing to work with Spruced Up Spaces and Nia on various projects in the future!

    – ALEC WEBB, President, Shelburne Farms
    Shelburne, Vermont

  • JOANNE: “It feels so good!”

    I’ve been following your Facebook posts and it has inspired me to be more organized. Last night I cleared off my bureau which is always piled with clothes and papers and things that I haven’t even seen in a while. I cleared it off and put down a few choice items that …read more/less

    will discourage me from piling anything on there. It feels so good!

    – JOANNE, Vergennes, Vermont

  • STACY: About Nia

    Nia is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her services. She worked for me on an on-going basis for a grassroots sales campaign and is the type of person who never drops the ball regardless of how complex the job. Among her many responsibilities was managing …read more/less

    our diverse inventory, and under her management we were well-organized and well-stocked and the right things showed up to the right events. If you’d like to become more organized in any dimension of your life or workplace, I’d recommend talking with Nia.

    – STACY, Berkeley, California

  • LINDA: Simplifying Computer Chaos

    CLIENT:  Senior

    FOCUS AREAS:  Home Office, Digital Organizing

    Nia has that special ability to organize and simplify chaos on the computer, in the office or around the home according to individual needs. She quietly listens to your problems, identifies your needs and works with you to create a plan that will work for you. As a senior, …read more/less

    I especially enjoy the hours we work together to solve the mysteries of computer technology!

    – LINDA, Shelburne, Vermont

  • CASS: Working with “Me & My Style”

    CLIENT: Residential

    FOCUS AREAS: Arts & Crafts Room

    Nia from Spruced up Spaces helped me organize a crafting area in my home. A project that was overwhelming to me, Nia accomplished with ease. Her positive attitude, friendly personality, and natural aptitude for organizing made the project fun and easy, and I am …read more/less

    extremely happy with how it turned out. We worked together to organize and reduce clutter, then created a new, improved space that works best for me and my style. Thank you, Nia.

    CASS – Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • ANNE: “Spill Over” of Lessons Learned

    CLIENT: Small Business

    FOCUS AREAS: Office Systems; Workplace Productivity; Closet

    As a small business owner I literally have to do everything to keep my business running smoothly.  This isn’t always so easy and it can be very challenging.  I hired Nia from Spruced Up Spaces to help me get more organized and make my time spent in my office read more/less

    more efficient.  It was one of those tasks that I dreaded and was unable to begin on my own. Nia gave me the confidence and inspiration to start and taught me the skills to organize my office space and keep it organized. She made this “dreaded task” not only bearable, but enjoyable! In fact, I loved the result so much that I re-hired her to help me with a closet at my house. After that, everything I had learned with her spilled over into my home life and now I’m organized there as well. Nia is a true professional. This experience has literally changed my life.  Thanks again, Nia!

    – ANNE, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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