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It’s Time to Buy a 2016 Calendar

Posted at October 31, 2015

First off, Happy Halloween!

And now that we’re aware it’s October 31, here’s a timely message about time management.

For those of us who keep track of our appointments and time using old-fashioned paper calendars, NOW is the time of year when we should be thinking about buying our 2016 calendars – because appointments for January, February, March and even beyond are already beginning to pop up!

Here’s the calendar I use.













It works well for me because:

(1) I like to see a whole month at a time; being able to see this ‘big picture’ in one glance gives me perspective about my time.
(2) I’m very visually oriented, and I like the simple, un-fussy look of the pages – nice green ink, crisp font, no unnecessary visual clutter.
(3) I am able to fit all of my daily commitments into the squares (I use the calendar to track both my personal & work commitments.)
(4) I like the tabs on the edges of the pages – they make for easy flipping.
(5) I like the size of the calendar; it’s thin and fits nicely into my work bag.
(6) I like that it is made from recycled materials.

What features matter to you in a calendar?

If you don’t already have your 2016 calendar, maybe you can pick one up this weekend!

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