Spruced Up Spaces Ann Arbor

Hands-On Organizing

Working side-by-side in your home or office, we’ll start by identifying your organizing challenges and designing a plan for achieving your goals. Then we’ll roll up our sleeves and carry out the plan together. Along the way through teaching and transferring of skills, I’ll help you add new “tools” to your “organizing kit” and I’ll share relevant ideas and recommendations. Very importantly, we’ll also develop and establish systems to help you maintain organization over the long term. I welcome you to read more about how I can help and who I work with.

Step 1: Needs Assessment

Our first appointment is a Needs Assessment. During this meeting at your home or office I’ll ask you to tell me about your situation and orient me to your organizing challenges.  I’ll ask you to describe the specific things you’re hoping to achieve in our work together, and I’ll ask you clarifying questions in order to help deepen my understanding of your needs, priorities, and vision. During our conversation we’ll begin to develop a plan for how we can go about achieving your organizing goals. If time allows, we’ll also pick a small area to start organizing and we’ll jump in and do some hands-on work there. You’ll be able to see some progress when we’re done, and I’ll be better informed about your preferences and work style as they relate to the project. Very importantly, the Needs Assessment is an opportunity for us to see if we’re comfortable working together and if I’ll be able able to appropriately serve your needs.

Time/Cost: The Needs Assessment session is typically 3 hours. Hourly or package rates apply.

Step 2: Implementation

If you decide to proceed with me after the Needs Assessment I’ll return for Implementation sessions. These appointments are where the change happens! Working as a team we’ll make our way through the broad steps of sorting, purging, and assigning new homes for your items. We will also set up a system to help you maintain your newly organized stuff, space, time, or affairs. Maintaining organization almost always requires behavioral change (developing new habits), so your openness to change and your corresponding commitment to “practice-practice-practice!” is going to be key. Organizing is a lot more fun if it doesn’t feel like a chore, so we’ll aim to keep things light-hearted and have fun while we work. The number of Implementation sessions required to achieve your goals will depend on the speed with which you make decisions, as well as the scope of your project and the amount of time, energy, and other resources you are able to invest.

Time/Cost: Implementation sessions are generally 3 hours, but session length can be adjusted based on your need or preference. Hourly or package rates apply.

Related Services

Donations: Delivery to Charity

During the purging process clients often identify things that they wish to donate. If you wish for my help with this I will deliver your donation items to the local charity of your choice. I’ll obtain a tax receipt for your records. I charge $20 per delivery.

Shopping: Research & Procurement

Occasionally we find that new materials or supplies are needed in order to achieve your organizing goals. If you’d like my help determining what to buy and where to get it, or if you want my help obtaining the products, there are three options: (A) We can review products together on the Internet (B) We can go shopping together at local stores (C) I can purchase items for you and you can reimburse me. Outside of session time, shopping is billed at your regular (hourly or package) rate.

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