Spruced Up Spaces Ann Arbor

Organizing Consultation

Some people are confident of their organizing abilities and don’t need to have an organizer working side by side with them. At the outset of their efforts, however, they might want help formulating a Project Plan or a professional sounding board. I provide consultation services for people in these situations. And since consultations can be performed in person or via Skype, I’m able to serve clients in remote locations.

Project Plan Development

I offer Project Plan Development for clients who are confident that they can implement a plan on their own but want professional help putting the plan together. Through an in-depth conversation (similar to the Needs Assessment that I conduct with my Hands-On Organizing clients) I develop an understanding of your situation, challenges, goals, and preferences. After we speak, I draft a Project Plan that will serve as the guide for your project. Since you will be implementing from it on your own my Project Plans contain significant detail, and typically include these sections: Background, Goal, Scope, Team, Schedule, Resources Required. I will deliver the document to you via email and then you’re on your own to run with it. That being said, I’m always available for follow-up consultation.

Time/Cost: Project Plan Development varies in length depending on the client’s situation. Hourly or package rates apply.

General Consultation

I offer General Consultation services for clients who seek all-purpose organizing advice or for people who want feedback on a self-designed organizing plan which they’re preparing to implement or have partially implemented and wish to refine.

Time/Cost: General Consultation sessions vary in length based on client the client’s situation. Hourly or package rates apply.

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